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Car Sound System



Call 911

Immediately call 9-11 and request that an officer report to the scene of the collision.  Notify the dispatcher of any obvious and apparent injuries.  Wait for the police to arrive at the scene of the accident.  In certain instances, you will need to obtain a police report in order to file a claim with the insurance carrier(s).  It is beneficial to the case to have documentation from the police identifying the at-fault party.   

Take Photographs 

If it is safe to do so, and traffic is not impeded, take clear photographs of all vehicles involved in the collision prior to moving any of the vehicles from their positions.  This will also help to establish who is at fault for the collision.  

Collect Important Information

Take clear photographs of the adverse driver’s insurance card, vehicle registration, driver’s license and license plate.  You may also need to document the adverse vehicle’s VIN number if possible.  This is important, as often times we will need to employ investigative measures to obtain accurate auto insurance information for the adverse driver.

Gather Contact Information

 Obtain accurate contact information for any potential witnesses to the collision.  

Contact Nwogbe Law Group, PLLC

Contact Nwogbe Law Group immediately to discuss the case and DO NOT discuss the case with any (including your own) insurance companies without first consulting with your lawyer.  You can cause substantial harm to your case by saying the wrong things to the insurance companies – remember, they DO NOT have your best interests in mind, and will often employ manipulative tactics to significantly diminish the value of your claim, or deny compensation outright.   

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